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Our Haflinger Horses  - Al and Brandy Wagner of Tiffin, Ohio


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Our training program for young horses is the heart of our farm.  Our focus is on quality, not quantity.  We do not turn out large numbers of horses for sale each year as we are a small operation and prefer to do all the work ourselves.  As such we only train as many horses as we feel we have time to do properly.  We do not purchase horses, put a few weeks of training on them and then offer them for resale.  When we purchase a horse to train it will typically be with us for several months to years, depending on the age of the horse and the level of training.  Many of the horses we train are raised from our own select group of mares.

Each horse is treated as an individual and is trained accordingly.  Physical development, conformation and mental maturity are all assessed before training is started as well as throughout the process.

We have used our knowledge of riding and driving combined with natural horsemanship style training methods to develop a unique training program for the development of driving and riding horses.  There is a focus on a solid foundation of ground work throughout the process.  We do not push our horses to do something that they are not either physically or mentally ready for.  Our training program is a life long commitment and continues to evolve through our study of the leaders in the industry in these fields. 

As a result of our methods, our horses work willingly and without fear.  We regard them as partners in the training process and treat them as such.  Click here to see what some of our past customers have to say about our training.  We can provide additional references upon request from both fellow trainers and people who have purchased our horses.

Depending on the number of our own horses in training, we occasionally have limited openings for training select outside horses. 

Please drop us a note if you are interested in additional information about our training program.

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(Haflingers only please)